Kyoto Elopement Wedding

【Report】1st marriage anniversary photoshoot – Eva and Arthur (from Hong Kong) –

1st marriage anniversary photoshoot of Eva and Arthur in Okakuen was awesome!

The photoshoot was held in Okakuen, Japanese traditional house and restaurant which possess a huge and beautiful Japanese garden on October 19, 2017.

I first met Eva and Arthur at their pre-wedding photoshoot in April, 2015 and they wore two types of gorgeous wedding kimonos ( two designed Irouchikake kimonos )and so lovely!   

They were so friendly and great personalities.We had kept in touch even after I became independent as an international wedding planner and they applied for their anniversary photoshoot I produced.

I am so honored to assist them as a wedding planner twice!!!

This time, I arranged another type of wedding kimono, Hikizuri from the wedding company I used to work ( Watabe Wedding Kyoto Wakon- )and  the same photographer as at the 1st photoshoot in 2015.They looked so happy to see him again.


Eva and Arthur took a photo with a banner “ Happy 1st marriage anniversary “ was written in Japanese. It must be a good memento as they can bring it back their home in Hong Kong.


This garden of Okakuen was produced by a well-known gardener, Ogawa Jihei of the 7th generation. The design and good balance are perfect. it is popular among many residents  and tourists to enjoy their lunch/dinner and the beautiful view and a recommendable venue for photoshoot, elopement wedding and reception as they have a nice banquet around 60 guests accommodate.

October is a bit early for the autumn season ( best season is the middle of November to early December) but you can enjoy various beauty of garden whenever you visit!

Eva and Artur enjoyed the Japanese traditional Kaiseki course meal at Okakuen after theirs photoshoot.

We enjoyed our conversation and I really had a great time!

Eva and Arthur, thank you so much for everything!

Keep in touch and hope to see you in Kyoto or Hong Kong!

If you are interested in pre/post photoshoot, elopement wedding, vow renewal and reception, please kindly ask us anytime!