Kyoto Elopement Wedding

【Report】 Jaimie and John’s wedding trip of 3 days in Kyoto by the sea.

Jaimie and John who is from the US and residents in Nagoya, Japan joined our promotion of a wedding trip in Kyoto by the sea. I had a counseling with them at a cafe near Kyoto station a month before the wedding trip. They said that they were lucky to find our promotion because they were thinking of their elopement wedding but didn’t know how to find a wedding planner and proceed their plan.


We were also lucky to have them as they were a lovely, friendly and perfect couple! They also requested their legal marriage in Japan so I contacted to a city hall of Kyotango city that they are having their wedding ceremony at and assisted the whole procedure from getting and filling in Konin Todoke form ( a public form to apply for their marriage ) to translation of the public documents from the US embassy in Japanese.

We started our wedding trip from Kyoto station and rode a bus to Nishimaizuru station and transferred to a scinic train, Akamatsu bound for Amanohashidate. Jaimie and John enjoyed the beautiful view of coastline and nature of countryside.




We stopped by a Tango Yura Station and experienced the foot bath. They also encountered a goat and John enjoyed playing with him/ her!

We spent some time for sight-seeing in Amanohashidate.


We stayed at Centrale Kyotango hotel which has a beautiful wedding facility and Onsen.

Jaimie and John enjoyed the delicious Japanese cuisine after their wedding rehearsal.

This time, I invited an Australian authorized bilingual celebrant, Megumi Carver from Sydney to hold their elopement ceremony for them.



It was a perfect weather on their wedding day!

Jaimie and John had on a wedding kimono, Hikizuri and Montsuki- Hakama and they looked great!

The original arranged wedding ceremony of mixture style of Japanese and western went well!

After a procession with Japanese shinto music, a shinto priest prayed for them and offered San-san-kudo sake ritual ( Bride and groom sip sake three times to purify their body and mind and celebrate their marriage ).

*We can arrange this type of ceremony held by shinto priest and celebrant at only this facility.


And the elopement ceremony was followed by Megumi. It was so impressive.

When they exchanged their vows, we saw Jaimie’s tears and it was so beautiful…



Here is another beautiful story of them. Jaimie had painted one eye on a daruma doll wishing the marriage with him before they got engaged. This is one of wishing ways in Japan and another eye is painted after the wish comes true. Now her wish came true then John painted another eye on the daruma doll during their ceremony!

After we celebrated their marriage by tossing flower petals and they had a cake cutting!

I prepared a naked wedding cake decorated Cherokee roses and peach colored flowers on top  as Cherokee rose is the flower of Georgia state they are from and the state is called “ Peach state:)


Then they enjoyed the photoshoot in front of Motoise- Kono Shrine, Kasamatsu park where they can enjoy the beautiful view of Amanohashidate and Bito family old house.

At the night, they posted “ just got married “ to their families and friends in the US and received lots of congratulations comments!




Next day and last day of their wedding trip, they received the approval letter of legal wedding in Japan as of October 10th successfully as they submitted the Konin todoke form the day on their wedding day!!!

They had a good experience of visiting Tango chairmen silk factory, wealthy Marchant house and trying the soul food of Bara Sushi. Jaimie and John also enjoyed sake tasting at a Sake factory!


The whole wedding trip had done well and we left back to Kyoto station by train.

Three days pasted so fast but I got a wonderful message from Jaimie and John!

I was honored to assist their wedding trip as a planner and coordinator.




Later, Jaimie and John made such a great movie for BEyond Weddings & Events.

You can feel how much they enjoyed and loved their wedding trip in Kyoto by the sea.


We are pleased to tailor your wedding trip whatever you want and Kyoto by the sea is one of best locations for your elopement wedding!

And now I am pleased to hold your elopement ceremony as I got trained by Megumi.

In Japan, there is no legal force about master of ceremony unlike the US and Australia.

I am keeping do my best to blush up my way of ceremonies as a wedding planner, coordinator and master of ceremony.

If you are interested in the elopement wedding in Kyoto by the sea and other areas in Kyoto prefecture, please feel free to contact us anytime!

We are pleased to tailor the wedding package for you.


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