Kyoto Elopement Wedding

【Report】Winter elopement wedding in Sapporo – Jade and Mark

If you would like to have your elopement wedding in winter, I do recommend HOKKAIDO!

Powder snow and views of snowy mountain are so breathtaking..


When Jade and Mark contacted me of their elopement wedding from Australia, their request was to hold their ceremony in snowy mountains in nature. I am actually based on Kyoto but Hokkaido popped up because I used to working at a wedding chapel in Sapporo, Hokkaido and still remembered the beauty of winter season!


On the day before their wedding, our photographer and I went to Jozankei Onsen area to search for the best place for their ceremony and we found the untouched snowy place!


And we had a welcome dinner at Japanese Izakaya restaurant with our team to get to know each other.

I believe it is really important to get to know each other more beyond clients and staffs and it helps them to hold their wedding ceremony in a relaxing feeling. Sometimes languages tend to be a barrier to understand but expressing ourselves with their body languages and smile can be beyond the barrier!


On wedding day, Jade and Mark had their hair-styling and make-up and dressed their wedding attires at their hotel room after they submitted the required documents to issue their legal wedding certificate.  We head to the ceremony place after they received the certificate at Sapporo city Chuo public office.

The first impression for Jade and Mark was like ” Wow!! It is what we want!!”

The wedding ceremony went well even though a strong wind blew away during ceremony.

Exchanging vows and rings, kiss after pronounce and drawing eyes on a daruma doll… each moment was so impressive.. Looking at each other with smile was also beautiful..

At a luxury Onsen ryokan in Jozankei, Jade and Mark enjoyed their photoshoot and cake cutting!

we were so happy to share their happiness!

I was honored to be their wedding planner and master of ceremony!

I like to make a ceremony script after I share their story under a questionnaire from how to meet to now.

I speak English but am not bilingual, so I basically make scripts in Japanese and some English and a professional bilingual translator and celebrant in Australia, Megumi Carver  translates and check so that the script can be perfect:)

Jade and Mark, thank you so much for choosing Japan as your elopement wedding!

Wish you a happy married life together!!!!!