Kyoto Elopement Wedding

Invitation cards made in Japan fly across the sea to your country!


If you plan your destination wedding / elopement wedding in Japan, it might be a great idea to send invitation cards made in Japan!

This imaged invitation cards were ordered by one of my clients who is going to have their wedding ceremony at a Shinto Shrine.


All guests who live in the United States or other countries must be impressed if they would receive the Japanese design of cards! It helps them to imagine where the bride and groom -to- be get married and the happy moment in Japan.


You can prepare the English wording in your way and add Japanese wording as a decoration like this.

Please count me in of Japanese wording! I suggest the traditional Japanese phrases to add on.

I am pleased to find a wedding invitation supplier for you to meet your request, order, read a proof and arrange shipment on your behalf:)


What kind of destination wedding in Japan is your dream wedding?

Elopement in your wedding gown? Japanese traditional wedding? Western style wedding?

How many guests would you like to invite? What kind of reception would you like to have?

Which area are you looking for? City area or countryside?


Please tell me your dream wedding in Kyoto, Japan.

I am pleased to assist you realize what you would like to have in your wedding scene.