Kyoto Elopement Wedding

Cherry blossom in 2018 – Kyoto, Japan


This year, cherry blossom season came about 2 weeks earlier this year compared to last year.

Now there are so many tourists enjoy the viewing!


Sakura at Sanju Sangen do Temple that has 1001 statues of Shaka buddha.

It is beautiful to hold your wedding ceremony under these full-bloom sakura trees but it is hard to guarantee the best day for that.. all we can do is we can tell you to cross fingers..


I just looked back to a day of last year. A marriage proposal under a cherry blossom tree by a couple from Mexico went successfully on 16 April. The average of peak season is early April so we told the guy that it might have been difficult to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. But the peak season came late due to the cold weather and he made it sucessfuly!

I remember they enjoyed toasting and bento box under cherry blossom tree.

A couple’s wedding ceremony is coming on 17 April this year and we keep contacting each other via emails and skype. I hope they can enjoy the view of cherry leaves changing to green beautifully.


Japan has four seasons and each of season makes people be impressed.

Fresh and greenery leaves after cherry blossom season are also so beautiful and refreshing. May is one of my favorite months! It it a nice weather with comfortable breeze and you can feel relaxed to view the greenery nature!

If you plan to travel to Japan in May, an elopement wedding in countryside of Kyoto prefecture must be one of great options:) It is not too late to prepare it. We are pleased to arrange it for you.

Kyoto has lots of hidden treasures.

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