Kyoto Elopement Wedding

『A venue option』Luxury and real Japanese wedding at『world heritage 』Kamigamo Shinto Shrine


If you would like a real and luxury Japanese traditional experience in your destination wedding in Kyoto, wedding at Kamigamo Shinto Shrine is one of options.

Kamigamo Shinto Shrine– designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO- is very popular among Japanese couples and some foreign couples who are interested in traditional side of Japan to get married.

It is said that Kamigamo Shinto Shrine is the oldest shrine in Kyoto ( this shrine was built by Emperor Temmu in 678) and has been respected by shrines all of Japan and local people. Not only individual persons but also many companies often visit to pray for their health, peace and good business. So the highest-quality of offerings such as sake and rice are sent from all over Japan in special occasions.

No doubt all real Japanese traditions are packed in Kamiamo Shinto Shrine- shinto style wedding ceremony, wedding kimonos, sake, pure water river, stage for Japanese traditional performance, a sacred white horse and more!

You also can feel more enjoyable and magical moments in reception at Kamigamo shrine premises after your ceremony! You can add some traditional events you might be interested in such as a real Maiko ( knows as Geisha) dance, a rickshaw ride, professional music performance,  a highest quality tea ceremony and so on.

If you realize a luxury and real & high-quality wedding in Kyoto, please feel free to contact me anytime!

We are pleased to produce and assist you for your dream wedding at Kamigamo Shinto Shrine and other Japanese traditional premises 🙂

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