Kyoto Elopement Wedding

『A venue option』 destination wedding at Rakuto Geihinkan


Rakuto Geihinkan is one of great wedding venue to experience some Japanese tradition in your wedding scene. It is located in Yamashina region 15-20 mins by car away from the center of Kyoto city.

This venue was built in 1939 as a luxury residential and guest house of a minister of state, Hidejiro Onogi. Many governors and celebrities gathered at his mansion and exchanged their opinions of the future of Japan wishing the happiness and peace with families.

Now this venue is designate as Tangible cultural property of Japan in 2011 and was opened up to the public as a restaurant and wedding venue.

The largeness of the premises is 3,300㎡ and there are two gardens of western and Japanese style with the main house and the interior decorations and architecture are so beautiful..

You can use the whole premises for your wedding. Any style of wedding such as Japanese traditional style  at the Japanese garden and western style at another garden are welcome!

You can enjoy reception with your guests and photoshoot as well.

Dessert table of Japanese suites might be one of fun experience! ( Of course they serve western suites as well)

You may bring your own wedding gown from your country and rent wedding kimonos if you are interested in. Whatever you would like for you dream wedding, we are delighted to do our best to meet your requisition:)

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